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Software training course for sound engineers, Mixing Console 101

Mixing Console 101

Introducing an incredibly easy way to grasp the basics of operating a mixing console. On the left side of the screen, Mixing Console 101 features an image of a medium-sized mixer like those commonly found in churches, schools, and entertainment venues. Just click on any control knob, fader, or connector and the interactive program plays a video on the right side viewer explaining what the component does and how to use it. The program uses video, narration, and illustrations to quickly teach you the basics of mixing console operation. Explanations include the various terms used by major manufacturers so the program is helpful for understanding ALL mixing boards. It does not get any easier! JUST POINT, CLICK, AND LEARN. The program works with any computer using Windows XP or newer, including WIndows 8 and (as with all of our programs) your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.  $11.99, On sale: $5.99 - Order Below
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Software training course for sound engineers, The Sound Check Trainer
The Sound Check Trainer

Benefits/features of this software: Six chapters of video training explaining how to properly set up and sound check a live band using a medium-sized sound system (such as those commonly found in both churches and live performance venues).

The program uses a virtual band with drums, bass, keyboards, guitar, and vocals as a model to demonstrate the best way to keep a setup, sound check, and performance going smoothly.

The user is taken through the steps needed in order to position microphones, place main and monitor speakers, connect the microphone snake and mixer to the power amplifiers and speakers, connect powered speakers, "gain stage" the system, equalize instruments, eliminate feedback, and finally to the basics of getting a good mix.

Connections and use of graphic equalizers and effects processors are also addressed. For less than the cost of one lesson from a pro audio teacher, The Sound Check Trainer can provide an easy way to achieve a solid foundation of understanding for the beginning sound engineer.

This program is available in two versions:
1. An interactive version for Windows computers
2. A video presentation, playable on both Windows and Mac computers

$12.95, On sale: $5.99 - Order Below
ebook training for sound engineers, Understanding the Audio Mixer
Understanding the Audio Mixer Ebook for Kindle, Nook, iPad or other Tablet (includes epub, mobi, PDF versions)

This layperson's guide makes learning how to operate a pro audio mixing board both easy and fun. It is loaded with helpful images and explanations and it avoids confusing technical details that can often frustrate the beginning sound engineer.

The book also includes a 23-minute supplemental video training course, designed to work well on your Kindle Fire, Nook, iPad, or other tablet. The video may either be watched online or downloaded for viewing when not online. You can now sit at your mixing console with your tablet and quickly learn the basics of pro audio engineering in a super-easy way.

Great for all beginning band, church, and concert sound engineers, this guide will get you started operating a sound system in minutes. It is also helpful for home studio owners and beginning studio engineers.

The download includes all of the following versions: Nook, Kindle, iBook, PDF: $7.99, On Sale: $5.99 - Order Below

Software training course for sound engineers on sale
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Understanding the Audio Mixer Interactive Software Training

Now you can use your computer to quickly learn the basics of pro sound system operation. This multimedia training course is available for instant download and is designed to be an excellent tool for band members, church sound engineers, and beginning recording studio and live sound engineers. Fully interactive, produced as a virtual hands-on guide, this award-winning software is a true bargain in a pro audio training course.

Key Features: Totally interactive control, easy to use - An excellent layperson's guide to sound system operation - Includes video, narration, and illustrations - Designed to be applicable to all major manufacturers' mixing boards - Provides easy-to-follow procedures for professional concert sound system operation - Discusses connections, equalization, phantom power, gain staging, submixing, monitor mixes - Explains pre and post effects sends, effects returns, and much more.

$9.99, On sale: $5.99 - Order Below

The Sound Engineer Training Suite (on disc)

For those who wish to have a physical disc of our software programs, we offer all three of our Windows software programs on CD.

Get it on disc for $17.00 USD (+ shipping)
Usually ships within 48 hours. Only available to adresses within the United States.